Collegio San Lorenzo da Brindisi

Dottorato di fra Suresh Mathew Pallivathukal


Martedì 1 Aprile 2014 - Fra Suresh Mathew Pallivathukal ofm cap della Provincia indiana di Krist Jyoti, ha conseguito il Dottorato in Missiologia presso la Pontificia Università Urbaniana.


Titolo della tesi: "Praxis of Media Education in a Matrix of Media. A means of evangelization through the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Delhi". 



 Come spiega lui stesso: "The research is an inquiry into the media exposure of teenagers in Delhi and proposes media education as an evangelizing activity for the Archdiocese of Delhi."


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"I completed my research in a record period of two years...(reached Rome for doctoral studies on 8 October 2011, research theme was accepted by the university in April 2012, and successfully defended in April 2014)."


"Dissertation is an interdisciplinary research connecting media and theology...4 chapters, 485 pages...330 students surveyed through quantitative method, 2 focus group discussions, more than 30 personal interviews of teenagers, opinions and comments from parents and teachers of teenagers on the use of internet etc. are highlights of the thesis...all because of the grace of God..."